"CJ and the Gods? Sounds almost like a mucial. Who is the coordinator for all this? I think I might enjoy signing up, depending on how it fits with my other activities. Do you guys do only Roman plays, or do other cultures?"

Characters InvolvedEdit


Brian Wood has been living in San Francisco for several years with his father, yet he was surprised to meet the two teenagers standing guard outside a maintenance door in the Caldecott Tunnel one day while jogging. Jack and Clancy sense his demigod aura, and try to find out whether he is a son or legacy of an Immortal going around a long tale of a foreign threatre group. However, they have to drop their façade soon when a pack of werewolves attack the trio. The Imperial Gold weapons are useless on them, yet they battle hard even through wounds. At last Jack manages to disintergrate them with lightening. Clancy plays a little prank on Brian to ascertain that he is a demigod, and an aura delivers a present of armor from his mother Bellona and three letters of recommendation. Clancy takes Brian to meet Reyna, who also is his half-sister.


  • Complete
  • Located at Camp Jupiter >> Caldecott Tunnel >> Wrong Turn
  • Followed by "Let the Confusion Begin"