Vanessa Gonzales
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Portrayed by: Ashley Tisdale
Important Information
Gender Female
Godly Parent Apollo
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Age 15 (biologically 4)
Eye Color Blue (but wears brown contacts)
Hair Color Sandy Blond
Height 5"8 1/2
Affiliation Greeks, Camp Half-Blood
Status Alive
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Born February 29,1996
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  • Original Character
  • Daughter of Apollo


Vanessa was the youngest of three siblings. She was the only child with a different father, that's why her older brothers hated her. But her mother loved her more than her brothers, she kept on saying that she's special. According to her mother, she and her husband (her brother's father) had a fight. Her mother left their house and met Vanessa's father, they fell in-love, and Vanessa was born. She was raised in a rich family, her step-father loved her as his own, he always wanted a daughter, even though her mother cheated on him... once. Vanessa had everything she needed, her life felt incomplete. She needed her real father.

After her birthday on 2004, weird things and changes happened to her. She can make a four stanza poem within 5 minutes, she became interested in archery and she can sing. At school, she saw a one-eyed girl playing basketball. Because of these changes and weird sightings (that she really didn't care), Vanessa was often bullied by her brothers, like, they threw her stuff on the floor, burnt her notebooks filled with poems she created, and threw things at her. Desperate on knowing her father, she would always ask her mother what her father was like, but her mother would always answer, "He's a fine man."

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