Headquarters: Troy, MT, USA / New Rome, near Oakland, CA, USA

Founding Leader(s): Descendants of Aeneas

Acting Leader(s): Sue Courtenay (formerly), Alex Courtenay

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Current Dynastes

Leader Name: Dynastes

Structure: The Troaie are divided into families that share a bloodline that traces back to Aeneas, the Trojan. The recognize a “prince” (Dynastes), as their leader to reclaim their home. The Dynastes is protected by a long line of protectors, called “Wards.” Ironically, the current Ward family are the Ward’s. The oldest blood member will act as the Dynastes’ Ward. Should the Ward fall, the next oldest member of the Ward’s family will become the Dynastes’ Ward. Beyond that, the Troaie are not formally organized.

Size: Large to very large. Around 300 active families / clans.

Succession of Leadership: The title of Dynastes is passed down from the oldest child of the current holder. If the retainer can not pass down the title, then it will be passed down to the next-oldest sibling of the retainer.

Training / Specialties: Political influence, Latin (in the case of the Courtenay-McRoy family)

Eligibility: Those who are part of the Trojan bloodline are born into the society. Only the Wards and those who marry descendants are capable of not possessing Trojan blood.

Ideology: Some of the Trojans believe that Rome is their new home to replace the old Troy, which was burnt down by the Greeks during the Trojan War. Thus, the Trojans have always held enmity of the Greeks. Their ultimate goal is to find a home that they can call Troy once more. Their current endeavors include obtaining political dominance over New Rome.

Affiliations: All members are of Trojan and, subsequently, Roman descent. While not all descendants are members of Camp Jupiter or New Rome (in fact, most are not), the Trojans, (as far as lineage), affiliate themselves with New Rome.

Composition: The Trojans are survived by about 300 active families or clans, all of whom are of Trojan decent. Some of the families, like the Westfield clan, have chosen to reside within New Rome. Most of the families, however, do not. Instead, they live elsewhere, using their influence for the betterment of the society elsewhere.

Gates of Troy

Ultimum Troaie Symbol

Publicity: Almost none. Only members of the society know of the society.

Symbol: Gates of Troy.