Headquarters: Oakland, CA, USA

Founding Leader(s): Okon Pavvo

Acting Leader(s): Nero Alverez, Okon Pavvo
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Okon Pavvo Current Leader of the Chaotics

Leader Name: Boss

Structure: The Chaotics gang base their group off of urban street gangs, controlling illegal enterprises on street corners and such. The acting leader’s word is law among the gang, but disputes and disagreements often happen.

Size: Moderately Large; the size of a competing street gang in a metropolitan city. At least 50-80 official members.

Succession of Leadership: The most prominent and capable will rise to the occasion. This often leads to several disputes, often violent.

Training / Specialties: Muscling, sabotage, explosives, vandalism, robbery, other illegal conduct

Eligibility: The Chaotics gang will allow any demigod to join, as well as some satyrs/fauns, and in some cases, clear-sighted mortals. Descendants of members are also eligible to join, and are usually brought in the gang lifestyle early on.

Ideology: As their name goes, the Chaotics gang believe that the world needs chaos, and that they are the only ones who can create it. While they do operate like an urban street gang, their goals and motives are usually conducted as a means to disrupt the societal norm.

Affiliations: The Chaotics gang keep some active alliances with other street gangs, but do not have any alliances or affiliations with other mainstream camps or demigod institutions.

Composition: Greek and Roman demigods and demigod legacies. Some satyrs/fauns. Few clear-sighted mortals.

Publicity: Moderate. The Chaotics gang are best-known in their home turf of
Chaotic Skull

Chaotics Symbol

Oakland, CA, although their members’ divine linage is not common knowledge.

Symbol: Black and purple skull.