When she flipped to the next page, she froze. There was a picture of her as a baby, sitting in between a two year old boys legs.

Characters InvolvedEdit


Erin, in need of a little bit of privacy, takes an old photo album of hers into the woods to look at it. In it are photos of her childhood, included a picture of herself with her brother, Darrien Peake. The nostalgia saddens her greatly and, after crying for a few minutes, she falls asleep where she sits. Some time later, Nico arrives on the scene and, knowing how dangerous the woods can be for a lone demigod - a child of one of the Big Three, especially - tries to wake Erin, seeing that she is having a nightmare. Chloe, nearby, stands guard, in case of any trouble, as Nico asks Erin if she wants to talk about the bad dream she had.

Erin, after a bit of hesitation, tells Nico about her brother, a full-blood sibling from both of her parents - mortal and godly. He left her when she was little and she does not know what happened to him, whether he is alive or not. Nico, knowing how it feels to lose a sibling as close as his own full-blooded sister, tries to comfort the daughter of Poseidon, offering to let her come talk to him if she needs to talk to someone who understands the pain of such a loss. When Erin asks if there's a possibility that her brother might still be alive, Nico tells her that there may be hope - Luke, Thalia and Annabeth survived in the mortal world for a long time before making it to Camp Half-Blood; why not Erin's brother?

At that point, Kori comes in, apologizes for intruding and introduces herself. As Erin seems to be a little embarrassed that three people have come across her now, Nico assures her that the three of them will keep quiet about the encounter. He promises that they will not tell anyone about her brother, unless she says it's okay for them to speak of him. This makes Erin feel better, especially after Kori confirms that she's trustworthy. They eventually leave the woods, not wishing to become a monster's dinner.