Werewolf Clancy

Clancy in werewolf form

After the good start, things didn't look good for Jack. The Cyclopes had him surrounded, and his slashes with his sword weren't doing any good. Clancy decided it was now or never, and called out to the Cyclopes. "Hey uglies. Look at me. Because I'll be the last person you ever see." Then Clancy began to change.

Characters InvolvedEdit


Mark Coll, unaware of his demigod status, wanders through Seattle Washington. Feeling hungry, he stops at a taco truck. Soon, he runs into a Cyclops (Mark cannot tell what it is at the time) and runs away.

Meanwhile, both Jack and Clancy are sleeping, and having terrible nightmares. Jack dreams of Mark, who has yet to meet, being chased by a Cyclops. Clancy, dreams of turning into a werewolf, in which a recent infiction of lycanthropy has caused. Both boys go to see each other, hoping to rid themselves of the dreams. After a bit of conversation, the two boys decide to head to Seattle to investigate Jack's dream. They leave in Clancy's Mustang, and head in the direction of Seattle.

Along the way, they stop in Salem, Oregon. Mark having escaped the Cyclops through accidental shadow travel, also ended up in Salem. Jack and Clancy arrive at the Salem hospital, where Clancy proceeds to run Mark over with his car. Jack is shocked, and Clancy realizes Mark must be who they were looking for, and takes off after him, while Jack stays behind to speak with his mother. Eventually, Clancy catches Mark, and after Jack's arrival and a bit of talk, the three boys set course for Camp Jupiter.

Along the way home, the run into a trio of Cyclopes, one being the one who attacked Mark earlier in the day. Mark, idiotically charges them, and is thrown from the scene, cracking some ribs. As Clancy sets to fixing Mark, Jack distracts the Cyclopes. Jack holds them off, but soon they begin to overpower him. Clancy leaves his gladius with Mark, and does the only thing he can think of. Releases his inner wolf. He has a tranformation, becoming a 7-foot wolf man. One Cyclops takes off, and Mark tracks him down and kills it. After his fight, Mark breaks down, realizing he just killed a living creature. This is where Mark's sensitive, regretful side is revealed, and forshadows many of his characteristics later on.

Still deeply involved in the fight, Jack and Clancy both destroy the Cyclopes. Clancy still in wolf form, and gaining a bit of hunger, feeds of a dying corpse, and is told that he is disgusting. Clancy changes back into a human, and the three demigods head to California.