Quinn was sprawled on the ground while she watched, 'shocked' - the thought crossed Quinn's mind in a few amused second before she got ahold of herself - as Ben got zapped with the bolt, mere meters in front of her.

Quinn MacCailin
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Daughter of Apollo
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Important Information
Gender Female
Godly Parent Apollo
Mortal Parent Sofia MacCailin
Age 13
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Auburn w/ Blonde highlights
Height Average
Affiliation Greeks, Camp Half-Blood
Status Alive
Weapon(s) N/A
Born Ohio
Quests N/A


Quinn MacCailín was born in Ohio but for the first three years of her life, Quinn and her mom, Sofia MacCailín, lived in Florida. After that, her mother got a better job in Washington until she was nine. When her mom got engaged to a corporate law attorney, Daniel Stone, she moved to New York to live with them and Daniel's twin children, Samantha and Samuel who were a year older than Quinn. Quinn loved her soon-to-be-siblings and she definitely enjoyed New York but she never really liked Daniel, mainly for making them move somewhere different and winning her mother's heart while she knew her true father was out there somewhere.

For an unknown reason, after the move to New York, Quinn developed a love to play tricks and had a bit of a sharp tongue, mainly for speaking unwanted truths. She never earned more than a few detentions (mainly for class disruptions) because, despite her dyslexia, she earned pretty good marks during school. Quinn's childhood was mainly uneventful. Save for several music awards for the guitar and piano, there were only two events that really stood out.

The first was at the age of six where, while caring for an injured crow, the crow's broken wing repaired itself in a few short days, much to the disbelief of the veterinarian. The second incident was during a school trip when Quinn was eleven. One of the activities was for the children to try their hand at wielding weapons. When Quinn picked up a bow and a quiver of arrows, she found it easy to wield, shoot and hit with the weapon without any practice.

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