Percy Jackson
Avatar 128
Hero of Olympus
Praetor of the 12th Legion
Portrayed by: Logan Lerman
Important Information
Gender Male
Godly Parent Poseidon
Mortal Parent Sally Jackson
Age 16
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Height 5'10"
Affiliation Olympus
Status Alive
Weapon(s) Riptide
Born August 18, 1993
Quests Quest for Zeus' Bolt, Quest for the Golden Fleece, Quest to Save Artemis, Quest of the Labyrinth, Quest to Rescue Thanatos
"He slaughtered my panda."


  • Sixteen years old
  • Son of Poseidon
  • Hero of Olympus
  • Praetor of the Twelfth Legion
  • Character portrayed by Logan Lerman


Canon HistoryEdit

Percy Jackson was born in Manhattan, New York City. His parents are Sally Jackson and Poseidon, the sea god. His mother does not work, but she is provided by her husband, Paul Blofis. He works at Goode High School as a teacher. Percy has one half-brother named Tyson, who is a cyclops. Percy has been on several quests with his brother Tyson, his friend Grover, and his current girlfriend, Annabeth. These include the quest for Zeus' master bolt, the quest for the Golden Fleece, and the quest to free Thanatos. Most of these quests have ended up in someone getting injured, but they almost always recover. Percy was kidnapped by Hera/Juno, and was lost for several months, before waking up to two Gorgons chasing him. This is the start of Percy's journey to find Camp Jupiter. During that time from when he woke up, Percy lost his memory, and made new friends at Camp Jupiter, forgetting everyone except a few of his closest friends.

Site HistoryEdit

On Olympian RPGEdit

  • October 10, 2011 - Joined Olympian RPG


  • Annabeth Chase - His current girlfriend, they've been friends since his first summer at Camp Half-Blood.
  • Nico di Angelo - His cousin through Hades, Percy has his ups and downs with Nico; he's currently planning to throttle the son of Hades when he finds him.
  • Grover Underwood
  • Hazel Levesque
  • Frank Zhang



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