General InformationEdit

Headquarters: New Rome, near Oakland, CA / Several smaller locations in the United States

Founding Leaders: Unknown, traditionally Marcus Junius Brutus

Acting Leader('s)': All currently unidentified

Leader Name(s): Lupus principes ("Wolf-chief") as central leader, Legato Primus ("First Lieutenant") as enforcer, Den-Mother as cult leader, and princes as ministers of operations

Structure: The Order recognizes the Wolf-chief as the head without question. The Den-Mother is also highly revered by all, including the Wolf-Chief. To enforce his will through his princes, the Wolf-chief has a lieutenant called the Legato Primus, who also acts as a bodyguard to him. Five princes carry out the Order's operations. One is called the First-Prince, as he is in line to succeed the Wolf-chief if need be, while the other four princes take on titles of the cardinal directions. Each prince acts through his bodyguard, called a Satellitum. It is their bodyguard that handles the prince's operations in person.

Size: Unknown, estimated to be between 400-500 operatives currently in the field

Succession of Leadership: The Wolf-chief is succeeded by the First-Prince. The princes are succeeded by the next available person. Familial ties are not required in order to succeed. There is no information regarding the succession of the Legato Primus or the Den-Mother. A Satellitum is appointed by their prince.

Training / Specialties: Socio-political influence, assassination, subterfuge, sabotage, coercion, kidnapping, smuggling, reconaissance

Eligibility: The Order does not very often recruit new members, but often acts through other groups and ties. It is unknown how new recruits are inducted into the Order.

Ideology: It is not known what the Order of Romulus is truly after, but judging by their past history, it would appear that they would like to assume control over New Rome and the deposing of its praetors.

Affiliations: The Order affiliates with few groups and will often use certain affiliations as a public front for their operations, like the gladiator ludus (school), Ghosts of the Empire.

Composition: The Order's demigod composition is unknown, although it is very likely that is composed of mortals, demigods, and demigod legacies.

Publicity: Almost none, the Order acts through fronts that are completely undetected by the general public, the framing of Lucius Darrow for the murder of Martin del Sol serves best as example.

Symbol: Wolf's head.

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Order of Romulus emblem