The Olympian RPG FanmixEdit


Front cover of Volume I

This fanmix was created by the player behind Reyna and Nico di Angelo. Proposed on September 22, it was completed on December 13 and is now available for download. The fanmix has twenty-six tracks, twenty-five of which represent and individual character from the Olympian RPG forum. The first track, Introduction, is the same music as that used in the Olympian RPG credits video created by Erin.

A second volume is slated to be released in Spring of 2012 and is planned to include several characters who were not listed in the first volume, either due to late arrival or a lack of a song chosen for them. The second volume will also include songs for certain major events that have taken place on the forum.

Volume I: We Stand StrongEdit

  1. Introduction - Prince Negaafellaga (Olympian RPG in general)
  2. War - Poets of the Fall (Percy Jackson)
  3. Gravity Hurts - CryoShell, ft. Niels Brinck (Jason Grace)
  4. My Hardest Walk - Lunatica (Reyna)
  5. Trigger - CryoShell (Arabella Matthews)
  6. Lost Realist - Trapt (Lucius Darrow)
  7. Shadows - RED (Nico di Angelo)
  8. Hope - Apocalyptica (Kori Maka)
  9. Numb - Linkin Park (Darrien Peake)
  10. Still Believe - Lunatica (Annabeth Chase)
  11. Bring the Light - Smashing Pumpkins (Clancy Ward)
  12. Entangled - Magica (Seline McRoy)
  13. Thunderstruck - AC/DC (Jack Copperfield)
  14. Time to Burn - The Rasmus (Leo Valdez)
  15. Solitary Ground - Epica (Hazel Levesque)
  16. What If This Storm Ends? - Snow Patrol (Alex Courtenay)
  17. Lost Along the Way - Staind (Dutch Epperson)
  18. I'll Reach You - Delain (Erin Peake)
  19. Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace (Ryan Osborne)
  20. Our Destiny - Epica (Savannah del Rosario)
  21. Pray! - Apocalyptica (Benjamin Smith)
  22. Set Fire to the Rain - Adele (Nicole Foster)
  23. Swimming - Florence + The Machine (Thea Nolan)
  24. Decode - Paramore (Carolina Westfield)
  25. Shoot to Thrill - AC/DC (Gary Hound)
  26. Home - Three Days Grace (Nicholas Lobo)

Additional InformationEdit

The fanmix includes twenty-eight graphics. In addition to a front and back cover, a graphic was created for each character. The character graphics include a picture of the character, a symbol of their godly parent and the lyrics to the song chosen to represent them. There are twenty-five character graphics.

A download of the Olympian RPG Fanmix is available on mediafire.