ORPG on FacebookEdit

Originally meant to be a Facebook page to promote the site and post updates on the site's status, Olympian.RPG has recently become a sort of home-away-from-home haven for the characters of Olympian RPG when the main site is down.

Still mainly used for updates on the site, Olympian.RPG is run by four admins:

Guests and those not yet registered or accepted as members of Olympian RPG are welcome to like our page and join in the conversations, even those amongst the characters on the Olympian.RPG wall.

As a Facebook RPEdit

As of January 4, 2012, numerous members of ORPG began making character profiles on Facebook due to the main RPG site being unavailable. This was because, with the main site inaccessible, we simply got bored.

For the most part, anything that happens to the characters on Facebook will likely be considered non-ORPG-canon, meaning that it does not affect game-play on the forums. This is the same as with the shoutbox; it does not actually happen to the characters unless it is put into play on the forums.