"I like the night, It comforts me. Without it we wouldn't be able to see the moon and the stars" - Miya Kohl

Miya Kohl
Daughter of Nyx
Priestess of Nyx
Portrayed by: Elizabeth Gillies
Important Information
Gender Female
Godly Parent Nyx
Mortal Parent unknown
Age 18
Eye Color Dark blue her eyes get lighter as she gets weaker or hurt
Hair Color Midnight Black
Height 5'3"
Affiliation Camp-Half Blood
Status Alive
Born June 6 1995



Miyako is a 18 year old girl from down town LA . She was abandoned at an orphanage when she was a baby. The only thing she had was a necklace that was left along with her at the door of the orphanage with her name on it .She lived in the orphanage until her 12th birthday when a very strange incident happened. When she leaned over the cake to blow out her candles and made her wish , a wish to know at least who she was . The whole room went pitch black you could not see an inch in front of you. then out of nowhere she heard the most beautiful voice she had ever heard. all the voice said was " trust in the night " . Leaving miyako more confused then ever . Then in a snap everything was back but this time everyone was looking at her with shocked faces. All the happiness and celebration completely gone ." leave this instant !!! you devil child !!!!!" screamed one of the nuns and like that she lost her home. From that day on she lived in the streets fending for her self. One day sleeping under a bridge sometimes abandoned houses but always on the run. Slowly she started getting into the night life . Soon she only went out at night , it gave her comfort and a sense of security. Now years later things are getting rough she is now 16 and the night life is getting more dangerous. One night as Miyako walks home she notices 2 men following her. They cornered her into a dead end ally and started to get closer to her telling her disgusting filthy things. They started grab her and push her around and pinning her against the wall and she closed her eyes and wished for this to stop and to be anywhere else but the , to be away from it all . Suddenly she felt like she was falling and then she was out .The next morning she found herself laying down on the middle off a bridge . She quickly got up and ran to the side and realized she was no longer in LA