Melissa Harvey
Portrayed by: Bonnie Wright
Important Information
Gender Female
Godly Parent Minerva
Mortal Parent Charles Harvey
Age 15
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Red
Height 5'7"
Affiliation Camp Jupiter, Olympus
Status Alive
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Melissa grew up in Sacramento, CA, with her father, a mortal man named Charles. Charles, a glassblower, had caught Minerva's eye and was gifted with Melissa, who he raised to enjoy crafting just as much as he did. Melissa was happy with her father, who had quite the name for himself with his glasswares, but things began changing on her twelfth birthday. Her father started getting more and more depressed, his glass art suffering for it. Three months after her birthday, Charles announced that they were going to Sonoma Valley for vacation.

It was there that Charles told Melissa to go check out the Wolf House. Excited, she obeyed her father and ran on ahead. Once there, she met Lupa, who told her that she would not be returning to her father, that she was a child of one of the Roman gods and that she was to be trained and tested, to see if she was worthy of joining the Legionnaires of Rome. At first, Melissa thought that she should be afraid, but she found that she wasn't and, after a couple months of training with Lupa, the she-wolf gave her the approval and directions needed to go on to Camp Jupiter.

Because she had no reference letters, Melissa was taken in by the Fifth Cohort. She served as a probatio for seven months before she was claimed by Minerva. She remains at the Fifth Cohort now.


An intelligent girl, Melissa is not someone to be trifled with. Though she is quiet and can be often polite for a Roman demigod, she is by no means a push over. Being the daughter of Minerva, she can and will use her intelligence against anyone who wrongs her. At the same time, she also knows when the odds are against her, when she needs to lay low. Though her mother is known for war and Melissa does have a knack for strategy, having been raised by her father, Melissa is actually more involved in the arts than in war, which makes her stand out a bit in the Roman camp. She will take part in war games, but if she's not training, she's usually practicing her weaving and glass work.

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