Marcus North
Avatar 140
Centurion of the Second Cohort
Leo Romanus
Portrayed by: Henry Cavill
Important Information
Gender Male
Godly Parent Mars
Mortal Parent Chelsea North
Age 17
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'11"
Affiliation Camp Jupiter, Olympus
Status Alive
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Marcus was born to Chelsea North a highly trained CIA agent and US Marine veteran, in Seattle, Washington. From an early age, Marcus' mother, she had him trained in the art of war. He learnt to fight Legionnaire style starting at the age of five and studied every major battle in US history since he was seven. When he was eleven, his mother took him to Somona on vacation, or so he thought. While site-seeing, Marcus and his mother visited the Wolf House, where she left him in the care of Lupa and her pack. After a couple months, Marcus travelled with the pack to Camp Jupiter, where he quickly got settled in the Second Cohort, by recommendation of the she-wolf herself. He earned his first stripe after two months, by saving his fellow demigods against two rogue ogre, without a weapon. After being claimed by Mars, Marcus quickly rose through the ranks of the Second Cohort becoming a centurion and a Senator at age fourteen. Three years later after the disappearance of Jason, Marcus was to run against Octavian to become the next praetor, but decided to support Percy Jackson instead.

On Olympian RPGEdit

  • October 31, 2011 - Joined Olympian RPG


  • Reyna - Praetor of the Twelfth Legion and former resident of the Second Cohort. Marcus has harbored a crush on Reyna for some time and may finally be getting a chance for a date with her.
  • Clancy Ward - Marcus and Clancy are allies fighting for the same cause. Both would love to see Octavian usurped from his position of power, and have taken up the challenge together.


  • Frank Zhang - Recently claimed son of Mars and centurion of the Fifth Cohort after completing his quest.
  • Lucius Darrow - Another son of Mars and (sometimes) competitor for Reyna's affection.
  • Ryan Osborne - A Greek and son of Ares, he came to Camp Jupiter aboard the Argo II.
  • Kori Maka - A daughter of the Greek Ares, she and Marcus have not yet properly met, though she is currently at Camp Jupiter.


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