"Three demigods, one a powerful son of Hades, another a strong, favorite child of Athena, and a third who could be anyone's child, all standing in the middle of one of most monster-infested cities on the east coast? It was a recipe for a disaster or feast, depending on whether it was their perspective or the monsters'."

Characters InvolvedEdit


The second in a trilogy of threads (Following Boston, USA and preceeding All Done with the Exhilaration). Kori had accidentally let go of Nico's hand while shadow traveling to Camp Half-Blood and ended up on an unfamiliar street in Manhattan, somewhere near Central Park.

Kori met Annabeth Chase on the streets, asking for directions and unsure whether she should mention Nico, made up an excuse as to why she was lost. Annabeth got suspicious of Kori and began to think her "friend" had left her because she wasn't a demigod until Nico showed up. Unfortunately, the son of Hades was exhausted from the drain on his powers earlier (See previous thread) and couldn't take them the rest of the way to Camp Half-Blood. Luckily, Annabeth had brought the camp strawberry van.

Kori finally broke down and demanded an explanation for the events of the past day, fed up with just the bits and pieces of information she'd received. Nico informed her that she was a demigod, a child of one of the ancient Greek gods of Olympus. Kori accepted the explanation warily and decided they should leave soon.

The trio were attacked by a lamia shortly before leaving, and Annabeth sent Nico and Kori ahead in the van and stayed behind to face the monster herself, killing it within a few minutes.