"You have a lot of explaining to do," she told Jason, crossing her arms over her chest. "Eight months and you never once tried to contact me?"

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After the initial arrival of the Greek ship to Camp Jupiter and the resulting meeting between the Roman senate and representatives of the Greeks, Reyna pulls Jason aside and leads him to the praetors' office in the principia, the same office that the two of them shared for a couple short months before the son of Jupiter was taken away from the Roman camp. Angry, perhaps a little misguidedly, that Jason had disappeared, leaving her to lead the camp alone for months, the daughter of Bellona asks why he never contacted her, why he never tried to come home before now.

Jason explains that Juno had taken his memories, just as she had taken Percy's, and that he couldn't have contacted her, because he didn't remember. He tells Reyna that he was promised his memories would return, but he's having a lot of difficulty with it. He wants to remember. He remembers the camp, he remembers his friends from the Fifth Cohort, he remembers her, but it's not all there, yet. Reyna, after a moment of thought, moves closer to Jason and hugs him tightly, promising that his memories would return - Percy's had returned, so surely Jason's would. She tells him that she will help him remember.

After Reyna hugs him, Jason recalls a point in time, shortly after his election to praetor. The memory is brief, but it holds a clue to just what Reyna meant to him; he knows he loved her. That memory strikes him hard and, after an apology to the daughter of Bellona, Jason hurries out, unable to face his past just yet.

Hurt by this, Reyna leaves the office a little while later to head for the Via Principia to get a cup of coffee.