Liam Tristan
Avatar 130
Puppet Master
Voice of the Forest
Portrayed by: Justin Beiber
Important Information
Gender Male
Godly Parent Ceres
Mortal Parent Caesar
Age 15
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Light Brown
Height Average
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Status Alive
Weapon(s) Pupa
Born Unknown
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  • Original Character
  • 15 years old
  • Son of Ceres
  • Puppet Master
  • Voice of the Forest
  • Portrayed by Justin Beiber


Liam Tristan was found on the doorstep of Vivan and Mark Solange in a small cradle with nothing but a letter from someone who Liam assumes is his biological parent, though he's never seen the letter himself.

Liam lived in the suburbs of San Francisco, in a small house by the shores. He never did well in any public schools, nor did they have the money for Liam to go to a private school, so Vivian and Mark homeschooled their adoptive son to the best of their abilities.

Though not going to school, Liam was very active in his Boy Scout troop, always excelling at anything doing with the outdoors, battle strategies, or swordplay (though he was only allowed to use wooden ones). At the age of 13, Liam had already become an Eagle Scout.

Though he was supposedly 'homeschooled', Liam was often left to his own devices since his father was usually focused on writing his latest dead-end novel and his mother was always out of town doing whatever. Instead of studying subjects like reading or math, Liam threw himself into science, wanting to be a child psychologist when he was older to help kids with ADHD and Dyslexia like himself.

At age 14, Liam's mother died in a plane crash on her way back to California. His father, stricken with grief, placed Liam in a foster care system, where Liam tried his hardest to get out of every family he was paired with. His fourth foster parents was abusive and horrible, not bothering to place Liam back into the system, but rather beating him every time he misbehaved. The last thing they gave him before they were sent to jail was a large, thin scar on his back.

The social worker who had noticed Liam's withdrawal from usual friends and activities, a man named Gerard, had adopted the boy with a promise to never treat him poorly. Though Gerard kept his promise and treated Liam like his own son, Liam still has nightmares about his foster care experiences.

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