There were no wind spirits in sight, but the scent of cheesy salmon roast wafted towards her. Ella wrinkled her nose in distaste. Cheese...that would never do. Ella didn't like cheese, not at all.

Characters InvolvedEdit


Ella, hungry far before dinner, goes to sneak into the kitchens where the aurae prepare the meals for the legionnaires training at Camp Jupiter. She is followed into the kitchens by Reyna, who had seen Ella sneaking in. After coaxing the young harpy down, Reyna promises no punishment for Ella, as she knew from Percy what the harpy had gone through with Phineas. She chooses, instead, to offer a box of Ding Dongs to Ella and they share a small snack, with Ella promising to keep it a secret. Reyna invites Ella to join her and Percy at the praetors' table for dinner later.


  • Incomplete
  • Located at Camp Jupiter >> Mess Hall >> Kitchen Raid