Jason Grace
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Praetor of the First Legion
Portrayed by: Colton Haynes
Important Information
Gender Male
Godly Parent Jupiter
Mortal Parent Ms. Grace
Age 16
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Height 5'10"
Affiliation Olympus
Status Alive
Weapon(s) Imperial gold gladius
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Quests Quest to free Hera

"I'm the son of Jupiter, I'm a child of Rome, consul to demigods, praetor of the First Legion."

Jason Grace to Porphyrion, in The Lost Hero.


  • Sixteen years old
  • Son of Jupiter
  • Praetor of the First Legion
  • Character portrayed by Colton Haynes


Canon HistoryEdit

Jason is the son of Jupiter and Ms. Grace. His older sister is Thalia, his mother's daughter by Zeus (Jupiter's Greek counterpart) who raised him in the absence of their alchoholic mother. When he was two years old, Jason was turned over to Juno who placed him in Lupa's care. It was very rare that Jupiter/Zeus should found two children from the same mother. 

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