Jaida Hyland
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Important Information
Gender Female
Godly Parent Iris
Mortal Parent Phil Hyland
Age 15
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
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Affiliation Olympus
Status Alive
Weapon(s) N/A
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Quests None


  • Original Character
  • Daughter of Iris


Jaida Hyland is the only daughter of Phil Hyland and an unknown mother who disappeared just after her birth. She loves her father more than anything, and resents her mother for leaving her father all alone.

Jaida stays at home a lot, because she isn't a very social person and doesn't have many friends. The majority of her time is spent painting. Phil is an artist, and Jaida works along side him in the tiny studio in their basement. Art is very important to Jaida, and she wants to make a career out of it.

Jaida also works part time in a consignment shop. She loves clothes, and has always been fascinated by bright colors and patterns. She keeps a sketchbook full of clothing designs, though she's never showed it to anyone.

Jaida lives a pretty normal life, other than the fact that her father is kind of protective of her. He tells her the world is a dangerous place, and to always be safe. Jaida has always assumed this is just because she is his only child, and its natural to shelter her a little.

On Olympian RPGEdit

  • July 14, 2012 - Joined Olympian RPG



  • Butch - The head counselor of the Iris cabin at Camp Half-Blood


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