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"I am the Black Hand of Luke Castellan!" Dutch declared, still in pain from the twisting. "I am the agent who goes when others can not! I kept Beauregard in line. I kept Luke updated on the events at camp. I was a spy who could travel through thin air! I WAS TRAINED TO EAT PEOPLE LIKE YOU FOR BREAKFAST!!"


  • Original Character
  • Seventeen years old
  • Son of Hermes
  • Student and Black Hand of Luke Castellan
  • Veteran of the Modern Titan War


While most of Dutch's recent memories are unknown to him, he does remember most of his childhood. His name was originally an insult, due to his mother being "Dutch." Over the years, the name stuck with him. Growing up, Dutch was the mischievous kid, who was diagnosed with a severe case of kleptomania. In order to treat his illness, he went to sports, particularly Track & Field and Cross Country. He was always a fast kid, who was even faster with his wits. He can recollect his life up to the time when he was 12. Between then and the day he woke up in a prop studio, there is a huge time and memory gap. One that consists of at least five years.


Dutch has been called "charming" for his looks. But he can still pull off a devious smile here and then. He has light brown, almost blondish hair. Sometimes, it's curly. He also has blue eyes. He has only one scar, a straight line that runs across his left palm. He is caucasian.


Dutch is always wanting to pull off another prank on someone else. Or whenever there's something shiny, his ADHD and kleptomania kick in, forcing him to steal it. If that was enough, he feel he has to be number one. Other than that, he's a pretty okay guy. He is considered outgoing, and is relatively friendly. He is normally considered a "Jack of Trades" when it comes to personality. He is balanced with himself internally.

On Olympian RPGEdit

  • August 9, 2011 - Joined Olympian RPG


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