Jacin Leigh
Portrayed by: Aaron Johnson
Important Information
Gender Male
Godly Parent Clio
Mortal Parent unknown; adopted by Elijah and Karen Leigh
Age 17
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark brown
Height 6'0"
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood; Olympus
Status Deceased
Weapon(s) None
Born August 16
Quests None
"Inevitably, history repeats itself."


  • Original Character
  • Seventeen years old
  • Son of Clio
  • Reincarnation of Hyacinth
  • Deceased
  • Character portrayed by Aaron Johnson


Jacinthus, better known as simply Jacin by his friends, was raised in Vancouver, Washington. He has no idea who his birth parents are, though, having been put up for adoption when he was a week old. His adoptive parents, Karen and Elijah, don't know who his birth parents were and the records are locked until Jacin turns eighteen. However, Jacin has never really been interested in finding out who his birth parents are and considers Karen and Elijah to be his real parents.

At age ten, Jacin first picked up a guitar and took lessons to play the instrument. He picked it up rather easily and played as a hobby. He would later start playing with a couple friends from school as part of an amateur band at the middle school he attended in Vancouver. They planned to continue playing together as they moved from middle school to high school.

When he was thirteen, however, Karen left Elijah and, after a rather hard custody battle, took Jacin with her. They moved to Manhattan, where Jacin went to Yancy Academy. Jacin stays with Karen during the school year and spend his summers and alternating holidays with Elijah. For the time being, he's in Manhattan, taking classes at Goode High School, where he's a junior.

Jacin came to Camp Half-Blood after meeting Kori Maka and a satyr named Oliver at the dog park. He originally had no intention of staying, but later came back afterhis friend, Alex Courtenay, convinced Karen to let her son go back. He trained for a couple months and stayed in the Hermes cabin, waiting to be claimed. He made friends with Mckenna Grant and was planning on asking her out. Unfortunately, Jacin died due to a tragic accident when a wayward Frisbee struck him in the head and he fell into the lake, where he drowned.

On Olympian RPGEdit

  • June 14, 2011 - Joined Olympian RPG
  • October 10, 2011 - Character dropped; considered deceased.


  • Alex Courtenay - Son of Zeus, he and Jacin went to Goode together. It was Alex who convinced Karen to let Jacin return to Camp Half-Blood.
  • McKenna Grant - A daughter of Athena, Jacin had a crush on her and had all intentions of asking her out before his untimely death.
  • Kori Maka - Daughter of Ares and a fellow fan of trivia and facts, they briefly knew each other, but enjoyed hanging out.
  • Gary Hound - Son of Apollo, he and Jacin also knew each other through school. They had a casual, brief friendship.