The only way he could go anywhere was in his dreams. Nico spent plenty of time asleep now, because a) it was really the only thing he could do and b) it allowed him to leave his captors for some time.

Characters InvolvedEdit


Forced to sleep while imprisoned by Gaea, the only way Nico has any idea what's going on in the real world is through his dreams. He has very little control over where his dreams take him and his dreams are so often shifting that he can't do much more than get a glimpse of the things happening around him. In this first dream since his capture, Nico finds himself at the Feast of Fortuna, sitting with his half-sister, Hazel, his cousin, Percy, and their friend, Frank. He gets just enough time there to see how close the trio has gotten over the course of their quest before his dream shifts.

Flashed forward, Nico watches as Percy receives his Camp Jupiter tattoo and is given the medals and purple cloak that signify his new rank as a praetor. He briefly plays with the idea of finding out what, if anything, Percy remembers about him, but decides against it, knowing that he has a rather special talent of getting on the son of Poseidon's nerves. Nico decides that Percy's more likely to throttle him than anything else.

As the dream shifts a second time, the son of Hades finds himself stand aboard the now completed Argo II, where members of Camp Half-Blood are boarding. He takes a look around before seeing Kori and Erin already on board. Knowing that they've probably been worried about him - as he hadn't been to Camp Half-Blood in eight months - Nico goes over to Kori to tell her that he's alright. As alright as he can be, anyways. Before he can really speak, his dream shifts, but Kori just manages to get a glimpse of him.

The final segment of the dream takes place in the barracks of the Fifth Cohort. It's the middle of the night there and Nico comes across Percy sleeping in a bunk. He tries to wake the older demigod, but to no avail; Percy is either busy with another dream or actually awake. In any case, Nico tells the son of Poseidon that if he's even half the leader at Camp Jupiter as he was at Camp Half-Blood, maybe the Greeks and the Romans stand a chance of working together.

His final message in the dream is a request to Percy: "Do me a favor and take care of my sister. Just don't screw it up this time."