ORPG Food GodsEdit

Relatively recently, the members of ORPG have been receiving godly titles based on foods. These titles are generally for fun. Here is a short guide, just to make the fun a little less confusing.

Groups and ClubsEdit

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Image created by Erin Peake

Ultra Teen Jedi Force (UTJF)Edit

The Ultra Teen Jedi Force is a group of players dedicated to keeping the Olympian RPG shoutbox alive. Members include:

Evil Writers Organization. Ka-blam. (EWOK)Edit

Members of EWOK are fanauthors who have, at one point or another, made another member of ORPG (primary targets are Hazel Levesque and Kori Maka) cry, rage, despair or otherwise pitch a fit about things happening in fanfic or in threads on the ORPG forum. Members include:

Honorary members:

Ultra Teen Sith Force (SITH HAPPENS)Edit

The opposing group to the shoutbox-reviving Ultra Teen Jedi Force.

ORPG Super SquadEdit