"The lamia looked at him. She snarled at him, revealing her face. A face of beauty. A face of hatred. A face that Clancy couldn't wait to tear apart."

Characters InvolvedEdit


Tired, exhausted, and apparently alone, Amidala makes her way to the Camp Jupiter after training with the Goddess Lupa, walking all the way from Oakland to Berkeley. She is escorted (unknown to herself) and protected by Lord Aeolus, who seemingly favors the daughter of Pluto even though he follows her on her father's command. They meet Clancy and Hazel, the guards on duty, and are soon joined by several lamiae. Lord Aeolus insists that Clancy and Amidala must work together since they have opposite talents with Light and Dark, and would make a good pairing in battle.

Clancy tries to crash course the new girl on the Darkness Manipulation, Hazel slashes through the alternating light and dark, while Aeolus enjoys the drama from above relaxing on a cloud sipping a cocktail. They destroy most of the snake ladies, and just as the Lord of the Winds gets down from his aerial couch to helpout, Hazel is stabbed in the arm, and Clancy gets his revenge on the lamia that gave him a six-inch long scar on an earlier encounter.

After a long and tiring battle that seemed to last forever, the trio finally take down the lamiae, with some much-needed help from Lord Aeolus. Clancy treats the wounds of Hazel and Amidala, and they enter the Camp Jupiter.


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