Geordi Averill
Legacy of Ceres
Portrayed by: Atticus Dean Mitchell
Important Information
Gender Male
Godly Parent N/A
Mortal Parent Micah and Carol Averill
Age 15
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark brown
Height 5'10"
Affiliation Camp Jupiter, Olympus
Status Alive
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Geordi's father, Micah Averill, was a son of Ceres who left Camp Jupiter to follow his dream of being a botanist, having decided that the college at New Rome wasn't where he wanted to study. He decided to go to the University of California in Riverside and this is where he met Carol, also studying botany. A few years later, they married and had a son, Geordi - named so after Carol's favorite Star Trek character.

Geordi grew up with both of his parents writing papers on their findings as they studied plants. He learned a lot from their studies and was always glad to help them take care of the plantlife in the greenhouse in the backyard. From an early age, he showed a knack for gardening and caring for all sorts of plants - flowers, herbs, ferns; you name it, he could help it flourish. When Geordi was eleven, his parents divorced - he doesn't know why - and Micah got full custody of the boy. He took Geordi to the Wolf House, gave him a letter of recommendation and left him to train with Lupa.

Three months of training passed before the she-wolf deemed him worthy of going to Camp Jupiter. She sent him on his way and, after fighting his way there and showing the letter of recommendation from his father, Geordi was taken into the Third Cohort. His letter of recommendation identified him as a legacy of Ceres, so he was given his SPQR tattoo the day he arrived, but his first line didn't come until he served one year under the Third Cohort. Since coming to Camp Jupiter, he has not yet gone on a quest, but he hopes that he gets his chance sometime soon.


Much in contrast to several of his fellow campers, Geordi is a bit of a goof-off; he's upbeat and ready to joke around with the best of them, though he does take his training seriously. He's a bit awkward, especially around girls; he doesn't know how to act around them. Having been raised by two botanists, he's plenty smart, he's just a bit socially awkward. He often acts without thinking, more hyper than a lot of his fellow campers and, perhaps, comes across as a dork at times, but he's a good guy. Geordi has his serious moments and he trains hard to keep up with the rest of the camp.

On Olympian RPGEdit

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