Gary Hound
Avatar 74
The Sun is Always Shining Over You
Archer of the Ages
Portrayed by: Michael Welch
Important Information
Gender Male
Godly Parent Apollo, God of Coolness
Mortal Parent Mrs. Hound
Age 16
Eye Color Grey, sometimes Yellow (Temperary condition)
Hair Color Brown/Dirty Blond
Height 5'10"
Affiliation Greeks
Status Alive
Weapon(s) Photon Bow
Born Yep
Quests Quest to Save Nico [Failed]

"You wanna dance? You should never try to dance with a Son of Apollo." Self Quote

"Forget lunch, everybody haul buns!" A Greek in the Middle of Romans


  • Original Character
  • Sixteen years old
  • Son of Apollo
  • Character portrayed by Michael Welch


Gary was born in Colorado, and moved soon after he was born to New York City. Gary's father was a computer technician and his mother was a science teacher for elementary. Gary's father however left soon after Gary was born, and his mother died 5 years later. Gary has been in an orphanage ever since. Having no siblings made it easier for the orphanage, but made Gary have to find friends and soon bonded with a boy his age who eventually got placed in a foster home 3 years ago. However, a few months prior to that, both boys had welcomed a new kid to the orphanage named Ron, who they soon took a liking to. Leaving only Gary and Ron together, they grew closer as friends and always watched out for each other.

Camp Half-BloodEdit

He arrived at Camp Half-Blood with Sophia Landine, led by Ryan Osborne. He also helped Arabella Matthews enter camp along with Erin Peake. After being claimed by Apollo, he grew into the typical body build for that cabin, being lean but muscular. Able to outrun most people at camp, and with a speed and quickness he never had before, he took up a crossbow, named it Photon, and became experianced with the weapon. Working with Savannah del Rosario, he learned the more indepth parts of healing, and be came adequete as a healer as well. He recieved a gift from his father in his room, a skateboard. This skateboard however, Solar Flare, was able to float 2 ft on the air, and cruise up to speeds of more then 60 MPH.

(Personally Added)


Moderate Healing abilities

Superb Archery Skills

Minor Light Manipulation Skills

Minor Cursing Skills

Magic Items/WeaponsEdit

Solar Flare - a hoverboard disguised in the mist as a skateboard, able to float 2-3 ft in the air and accelerate to speeds of more then 60 MPH.

Photon Bow - Currently a regular bow, with a thigh quiver of assorted specialty arrows.

On Olympian RPGEdit

  • May 21, 2011 - Joined Olympian RPG


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