• Immortal
  • Can remember everything she's read


Canon HistoryEdit

Ella, among other harpies, was sentenced to fight Phineas for her food, as she could only eat food from his table. Over time, she grew fearful of the old man because of the injuries he had given her defending his food. She became painfully scrawny from hunger, and reading was her only escape.

One day, Percy Jackson and his friends from Camp Jupiter, Frank and Hazel, came to get information from Phineas upon Iris's instructions. They learned of her and her sisters' situation and eventually got the timid harpy to tell them Phineas's weakness: gambling. They defeated him with the gorgon's blood and released Ella from her curse.

Feeling in debt to the demigod trio and embracing them as her friends, Ella joined their quest and proved herself very useful.

In Canada, Percy and his questmates were forced to leave her behind while fleeing from Gaea's troops outside of Frank's grandmother's house, because Ella refused to fly in an airplane. She preferred to hide and meet up with them later, divulging part of a prophecy before she left.

Percy contacted his Cyclops brother Tyson and told him to find Ella and meet them at Camp Jupiter. Tyson, Mrs. O'Leary, and Ella returned to camp in time to help Percy save the camp and restore the eagle to the Fifth Cohort.

In the meantime, Ella seemed to have developed a crush on Tyson...

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