Elise Chevalier
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Portrayed by: Alexandra Karasyova
Important Information
Gender Female
Godly Parent Apollo
Mortal Parent Riya Chevalier
Age 15
Eye Color Light blue/Dark blue heterochromia
Hair Color Dark brown
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Affiliation Olympus
Status Alive
Weapon(s) Manipulative lyre
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  • Original Character
  • Daughter of Apollo


Elise's mother, Riya, was a British and then she moved to Virginia for her studies. That's when she met Elise's father. They fell in love. They never married but Riya conceived a child. He never contacted her since then. Riya was devastated but when Elise was born, she loved her with everything she had.

She grew up into a talented girl who loves music and dancing - just like Riya. Riya, as a singer, moved around constantly and Elise never really thought about it because she enjoyed it. Elise was homeschooled after Riya figured that Elise had always made some trouble in every school she attended. Elise grew up with her mother teaching her how to express herself in music and the movements of her body. Their house was filled with all kinds of musical instruments. Elise loved it. When she was twelve, she even created her own song with a dance number to go along with it.

About a year after Riya’s death in a plane crash, Elise was adopted by a family living in Washington. She didn’t tell them about the troubles that followed her everywhere – they wouldn’t believe it anyway. And so, she was sent into a public school not far from her home. It wasn't so bad and she made some friends but no one ever truly knows her. Surprisingly after six months, there was no sign of trouble at school and Elise started settling in with her new family - Greg and Jocelyn Fraser with their seventeen years old daughter, Regina. Elise still grieved for her mother sometimes, blaming his absent father for everything. At school, she was cheery and friendly, when really she wanted to break down inside.

She hoped that she could leave everything and do something more exciting in her life.

On Olympian RPGEdit

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