Edward Nelson
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Important Information
Gender Male
Godly Parent Pluto
Mortal Parent Emily Hawk
Age 12
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark brown
Height 4'8"
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Status Alive
Weapon(s) None yet
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Quests None


  • Original Character
  • Twelve years old
  • Son of Pluto


Son of Rand Nelson and Emily Hawk, born in L.A, Edward is an only child who has lived in a penthouse, not the same one, all of his life.

Rand is in charge of the local theater, but makes little money. It seems to Edward like Rand is nothing like him at all, Rand always does seem a little bit distant. Emily made hundreds of thousands of dollars a year working for United Airlines. She used to be a chief mind in construction of new planes, but moved up to an executive position. When they moved to San Fransisco however, she took over the airport there.

When Edward was born in L.A, he spent ten years hating the place, he felt chills flocking to the city. At age two, his parents had brought him to the beach, his first time out of the city, and he shrieked as his mother drove him back into Los Angeles. When Edward was ten, they moved out of L.A to San Fransico, where Emily took over the airport. Soon, life was much better.

Throughout his life, Edward failed miserably in school, but his mother flat out refused testing for any mental disorders, to Rand's confusion. Money in the bank, which Emily never used as besides this, was what got him expelled from only two schools.

Edward has nearly been struck by lighting before, but the bolt seemed to avoid him. At the beach when Edward was two, he was nearly carried away by a sudden high tide. He never went on a boat.

On Olympian RPGEdit

  • October 24, 2011 - Joined Olympian RPG



  • Nico di Angelo - Son of the Greek Hades, Nico has not met Edward, as he had gone missing from Camp Jupiter long before Edward came.
  • Hazel Levesque - Daughter of Pluto and member of the Fifth Cohort, Hazel accepted him to her Cohort.
  • Rosalie Carters - Daughter of the Greek Hades, Edward has not met Rosalie.
  • Nicholas Lobo - Son of the Greek Hades, Edward has not met Nicholas, who is at the Greek camp.


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