Deuce Everglade
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Portrayed by: Alex Evans
Important Information
Gender Male
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Age 14
Eye Color Icy blue
Hair Color Black
Height 5'5"
Affiliation Undetermined
Status Alive
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Hate. One of the only emotions Deuce has the ability to feel. He has his dad to blame for that, with all the abuse, most of it verbal, with very little physical. But it’s not the love his stepsister Megan gets. Of course he could never hate her since she’s only nine and all. The reason for the abuse and the hate happened around eight years ago, when he was accused of his stepmother’s death. He was home alone with her; she was so kind and loving. She promised him she would be back in a minute to get him lunch from the diner business his father owned. But by then it had been half an hour and Deuce began to worry. But when he got there, there was no sight of her. He searched everywhere. He called the police and his dad to come back with Megan, but when the authorities found his step mom she had frozen to death in the walk in freezer they had, which was at a decent temperature and could hardly kill anyone. Deuce in the end was pointed at for his late stepmother. After this happened Deuce’s dad went into a stage of a mental breakdown, then rage… all directed at Deuce.

Since then going through high school was disastrous! He’s never made any real friends besides some of the juvenile delinquents who were so much like him that he had met not to long ago after going to juvenile hall himself after breaking entries into homes.

Deuce is the most feared kid in school along with his groupies. The school thinks he’s going to grow up as a terrorist or something and the counselors at the school think he has a serious mental problem and he belongs in an insane asylum. But they don’t know what his home life is like.

On the bright side though Deuce has something to channel out his anger and frustration rather then beating up some of the nerds at his school. Kendo or ‘The Way of the Sword’ as it’s called in Japan. He has to pay for his own lessons and supplies but he’s able to do so by working at his dad’s business and ‘borrowing’ the money from others.

On Olympian RPGEdit

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