Dennis Ward
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Son of Dionysus
Portrayed by: Orlando Bloom
Important Information
Gender Male
Godly Parent Dionysus
Mortal Parent Margaret Ward
Age 18
Eye Color brown
Hair Color black/brown
Height 6'8
Affiliation Greeks, Camp-Half Blood
Status Alive
Weapon(s) Summoning charms, Trela (celestial bronze sword of Spartan design)
Born Galway, Ireland
Quests N/A


  • Original Character
  • 18 years old
  • Son of Dionysus
  • Portrayed by Orlando Bloom


Dennis was born to Margaret Ward, in Galway, Ireland, only a few hours before his twin brother Clancy. (Neither boy knows of other existence.) At birth, Dennis was taken from his mother by an old man named Phoebus del Sol. Pheobus raised Dennis like his own son, but Dennis knew this was not the truth, and often wondered about his real father.

By the time Dennis reached the age of 10, he had become quite proficient in both Greek and Roman combat, and also very knowledgable in Greco-Roman history. Dennis never understood Phoebus's logic in teaching him things such as those but never questioned his guardian.

At the age of 11, Dennis moved with Phoebus from the secluded lands of Ireland to upstate Maine, where he and Phoebus ran a strawberry farm and a winery. Phoebus continued training Dennis as if the young boy's life depended on it. Soon he became a master of many weapons such as the spear, shortword, warhammer, and staff. He also develop great defensive skills using shields. Dennis became such a great fighter, he soon overpowered many sparring partners, everyone except for Phoebus.

Then, one day when Dennis was 15, his head became filled with dreams and nightmares, always filled with the same face. There was a boy, of about 17 or 18 years of age, in shining golden armor. His face was so shocklingly similar to Dennis's that it scared him. The boy was identical to Jeremy, except for his hair and eyes. The other boy had deep red hair, and striking blue eyes, whereas Dennis possessed curly black hair and brown eyes. Soon the nightmares worsened, with visions of great snakes and armies of monsters that Jeremy only knew from mythology lessons.

Then, one horrible day, Phoebus died in an accident with a maid. One of the maid's fell on Phoebus, and he had a heart attack. The pain of loss drove Dennis close to madness, and he ran away from home. He journey all over the United States searching for an answer to his dreams. After two long hard years of homelessness, with memories muddled by his madness, he arrived in Boston, MA.

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Dennis's father, Dionysus, god of wine

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