"We've got incoming."

Characters InvolvedEdit


Clancy drives his four friends - Jack, Darrien, Tristan and Edward to Camp Jupiter, guided by the Compass of Light. The five boys try to amuse themselves or rest along the way, whichever is most agreeable to each. Tristan falls asleep and his mother, Goddess Ceres, visits him in his dreams to explain a few things about his family and returns a favorite toy from his childhood.

Frank and Lucius - sons of Mars - stand on sentry duty when the car arrives in the Caldecott Tunnel. At first Clancy appears to be commanding and Centurion Frank doesn't yield either, as is the standard procedure; the first impressions doesn't seem very favorable. However the newcomers are glad to know that Lucius has made his own way to the Roman Camp safely - he had risked his life earlier to save theirs. They get attacked by a pack of monsters and Frank sends the others before him to the safety of the Camp borders, destroying the monsters himself. They cross the Little Tiber, and Frank and Lucius take the new recruits to meet Reyna.


  • Complete
  • Located at Camp Jupiter >> Caldecott Tunnel >> Demigods...incoming!!!
  • Followed by "Five More Your Way"