HOLD! On your promise, HOLD!

–Chiron to the Party Ponies, in The Last Olympian

Teacher of Heroes
The activities director at Camp Half-Blood.
Portrayed by: Pierce Brosnan
Important Information
Title Teacher of Heroes
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Relatives Kronos- Father
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height unknown
Affiliation Olympians
Status Immortal


Weapon(s) Bow and Arrow


Greek/Roman Form None
Quests None

Canon HistoryEdit

Chiron ,(Χείρωνας Κένταυρος in Ancient Greek) is the activities director at Camp Half-Blood. He is a centaur (a white stallion from the waist down) and the immortal trainer of demigods. He was often known as Chiron the Wise or just the Wise Centaur. Chiron is a great teacher and mentor, and is extremely wise and clever. He is also an excellent fighter capable of using a bow and arrow expertly. He can also use other weapons expertly, but his favorite weapon is the bow. He is capable of fighting Titans , as he took on Kronos himself. He is also capable of manipulating the Mist. Although he is said to be immortal, he is not because he had given his immortality to the Titan Prometheus. The gods granted his wish; that he could teach half-bloods until he was no longer needed (so he won't die unless he stops training demigods). He is the son of Kronos. The prophecy involving the 16-year-old demigod who will decide the fate of Olympus is known to him. Chiron is also known as Mr. Brunner, a wheelchair-bound Latin teacher, because he went undercover to one of Percy Jackson's schools (Yancy Academy) to teach Percy. Chiron taught many of the famous heroes such as Achilles, Hercules, and others. He is like a second father to Annabeth Chase, who has lived at camp longer than anyone, and he is also fatherly towards Percy. It can be assumed that many campers see him in this way.