Age 39

Birthplace London, England

Birthdate January 7th, 1980

Godly Parent N/A

Mortal Parent Tori & Maximus Stoll

Child(ren) Connor & Travis Stoll



Born in London, England, Cassandra (preferably Cassie) Stoll is the Stoll brothers mother. **NON CANNON** She was born in January 7th, 1980 by her mother Tori. She grew up in London as a schoolgirl, but always wanted to travel to the USA. Once she finally got the chance to when she was 19, she flew by herself to New York City. She got a job as a mail woman full time and a school secretary part time, and eventually earned enough money to rent an apartment instead of jumping around in hotels. A year later, she met Hermes while delivering mail and a year later she got pregnant with Travis & gave birth to him when she was only 21. The following year, Hermes and her got together again and had Connor. She raised them as a proud single Mom and when they were 10 & 11, she sent them off to Camp Half-Blood to get trained and learn to fight as a demigod. (She never lost Her British accent—however her children didn’t inherit it). She never did see them again until they were 17 & 18 (She was very mad about the fact that they didn’t call). Cassie never found a different lover other than Hermes.



When Cassie was little, she was homeschooled until 3rd grade, where she met her friend Delilah. She grew up with five brothers, and knew how to handle boys very well by the time she’s was nine. As a child, she was very adventurous and mischievous, and was the best runner on the track team. (No wonder Hermes fell in love with her). Her mother died of cancer when she was thirteen, leaving her, her father, and her brothers alone. For about two years she suffered from depression due to the loss of her mother, until she wrote to a pen pal from Germany who cheered her up. They met up at King’s Cross Station when they were both 17 (and presently are still good friends). Cassie attended college but never ended up graduating.


  • Connor Stoll (son)
  • Travis Stoll (son)
  • Hermes (Significant Other)
  • Tori Stoll (mother)
  • Maximus Stoll (father)
  • George Stoll (brother)
  • Derek Stoll (brother)
  • Amos Stoll (brother)
  • Henry Still (brother)
  • Lance Stoll (brother)