The shout came from nowhere, just a disembodied voice from the shadows. It was barely a moment later before a figure stepped out of the shadows - quite literally - black-bladed sword raised as he appeared between the girl and the dog that was attacking her.

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The start to a thread trilogy (followed by Lost in Shadow Travel and All Done with the Exhilaration) in which Kori Maka unknowingly meets her father Ares and is given directions to a summer camp on Long Island, over 200 miles away. She later gets in a fight with her stepmother Bella and her stepbrother Cody manages to end it quickly,

She has a talk with her father, demanding answers to the questions that have gone so long unanswered. In reply, her father ended up telling her that he had been posing as her father and was actually her uncle, deeming Bella her stepaunt. Kori decided she had no real family in Boston and may as well leave.

At that moment, she and her uncle are attacked by a couple of hellhounds, only to be saved by Nico di Angelo, who gives Kori a dagger to fight with. Nico ends up using his umbrakinesis to banish the hound, and saps his energy in the process. He introduces himself as a son of Hades and explains a little bit about the Greek myths being real. They leave via shadow travel to get to Camp Half-Blood, but Kori sees something extremely evil pass by in the shadow portals and lets go of Nico's hand accidentally, sending her tumbling out into the streets of New York.


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  • Located at United States >> Other >> Boston, USA