Andreas Arete
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Portrayed by: Liam Mcintyre
Important Information
Gender Male
Godly Parent Heracles
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Age 23
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
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Affiliation Greeks,
Status Alive
Weapon(s) Bronze Sword and Shield
Born 1313 B.C.
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  • Greek Demigod
  • Son of Heracles
  • 23 years old


Andreas was born in 1313 B.C. Andreas never knew his real father, just his adoptive father, whom his mother married after his father left her. He was a simple farmer, from a small village in the Greek countryside. Andreas started exhibiting... interesting abilities at an early age. As a toddler he started showing that he had strength superior to that of a grown man, as well as superhuman endurance and resistance to injury. Andreas' father always took advantage of his gifts, claiming the gods sent him to them to do all the work on the farm, and soon Andreas grew to resent him for it, so at the age of 16 he ran away to join the Greek military.

Andreas was a good soldier, due to his immense strength he had a natural affinity for combat, he quickly rose through the ranks and soon became a General of his own battalion. One day while out exploring the locale of his latest assignment, he wondered into a strange cave, and found himself stranded in the legendary Labyrinth, where he would struggle to survive for what felt merely like a few years, when in actuality it was milenia.


Andreas is approximately 23, and well muscled, he has close cropped, brown hair and serious, piercing brown eyes. He always seems 2 days unshaven, he has a natural light olive skin tone, he wears a standard set of armor, complete with bronze sword and shield.


Andreas is a hardworking, good natured man. But if threatened he WILL destroy you. He makes sure all soldiers under his command are well taken care for and happy. He has a very strong sense of morality, and he will not rest until he has gone to every possible length to do he right thing, even if it means his own demise.

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