Acadia Rêveur
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Walker of the Dreamscape
Portrayed by: Nathan Gamble
Important Information
Gender Male
Godly Parent Unknown
Mortal Parent Unknown
Age 11
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 4'2
Affiliation Greek, Camp Half-Blood
Status Alive
Weapon(s) N/A
Born Unknown
Quests N/A


Acadia knows many things for such a tender age. He knows death, and pain. He knows how to suffer, though he chooses not to. He knows of the harshness of the world, and how it can be unforgiving, and tear lives apart from the inside out. He does not, however, know anything of himself or where he came from. He has never known family or love, or even his own name. He hasn't lost memory or his past. He has simply never experienced the simple yet complex things most humans take for granted.

Acadia claims to all that he comes from Acadian blood, though he has no way of knowing if it is true. Other people know nothing else about the boy and decide to call him Acadia because that is all he will give to them about himself. That is where the child gets his name from, and it has become his sole identity. He likes it just fine.

Acadia has no true home, and never has. However, he stays at a House in the city, an abandoned, ancient house where others who have no home to call their own have taken refuge. He depends on nobody, but some of the other Homeless bring him scant food, often stolen, to fill his hollow belly. He takes it without complaint to stay alive.

He does not see the colors, seeing only black, white, and shades of harsh greyscale throughout his life. He doesn't mind, letting the simple darkness and light envelop him like another child's comfort blanket or a mother's embrace. He can see the true darkness around him, the evilly gleaming eyes and glinting fangs around every corner, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to steal him away from what he never had in the first place and inflict more pain on him until he succumbs to death. He knows he cannot hide from them forever, and that he must find a way away from it or they will come for him.

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