Aaron Dolohov
Portrayed by: Novak Djokovic
Important Information
Gender Male
Godly Parent Ceres
Mortal Parent Mikhail Dolohov
Age 14
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Black
Height 5'8"
Affiliation Camp Jupiter; Olympus
Status Alive
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Somewhere in a province of Kansas, Russian farmer Mikhail Dolohov was out at an open market when he caught sight of a woman, who later revealed herself as Ceres, the goddess of agriculture. A year later, Aaron was born and was left with Mikhail to raise him. Mikhail taught Aaron farming methods and home-schooled him in their home at their province state.

When Aaron was seven, a pack of large wolves had attacked their farmlands, which caused his fear of wolves. Their farms were almost out of harvest after the incident, and the family had to re-farm their lands. Shortly after the attack, another pack of wolves came, but they were related to the she-wolf Lupa, asking his father permission to take Aaron for training and to bring him to Camp Jupiter in California for his own safety, and, possibly, Mikhail's as well.

They brought Aaron to the Wolf house and trained him there until he was ready. Aaron only caught half of what they thought him. When he was eight and ready, he was brought to Camp Jupiter and resumed his training there.

When Aaron was thirteen, during the second Titan war, he participated in invading the titans' base in Mount Othyrs along with their leader, Jason Grace, and a couple of Aaron's friends. Miraculously, even though he didn't do well in the invasion, he survived along with most of his friends (one had died).


Aaron, while he has his serious moments, like supporting Jason Grace as praetor, can be loud and talkative. A pacifist, like a few people, but he doesn't make it obvious. He likes eating, especially when it comes to cereal and coffee. Aaron likes to hang out with his friends, sometimes often hangs out with fauns in the roadside of Via Praetoria, though he is sometimes careful. Aaron is not easily angered, but easily afraid. Aaron is afraid of wolves, that is why he feels relieve when Lupa's pack isn't at camp.

On Olympian RPGEdit

  • Available for play


  • Liam Tristan - Half-brother and a member of the Third Cohort
  • Geordi Averill - Technically his nephew, Geordi is a legacy grandson of Ceres and the son of Aaron's half-brother Micah.


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