"And he needs to make that journey on his own. He will need to bear the burdens of his father, and others will hate him just because he is a son of Pluto."

Characters InvolvedEdit


After rescuing Mark, Jack and Clancy drive him to the Camp Jupiter, filling him up on the rules and ways of the Roman camp along the way. The legionnaires guess that Mark would be a son of Pluto given how he had shadow travelled from Seattle to Salem, Oregon; and Mark feels uneasy to learn that children of the Underworld are not exactly welcome in the Camp. Jack and Clancy try to make him feel better, advising him to make his own reputation at camp and not let his parentage stereotype him.

They arrive at the Camp without any more trouble along the way, and Clancy runs up ahead to inform Reyna about the new camper. Jack uses his air manipulation powers to propel himself and Mark over the Little Tiber, which goes well until he is hit by a flashback due to PTSD. Jack just manages to land Mark safely, but he himself hits the ground hard, cracking a rib and scaring off Mark. However, he recovers soon and together they go to meet the Praetor.